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Day 31: Tabata, for a good time

31 Jan

Jan 31

Here I am again, taking up some floor space by the squash courts!  With a full gym and fitness classes in the group ex room, I have now resided to setting up camp here.  Yet again, I was short on time today, so I opted for a quickie that hits everything and makes you work.  I make mention of my busy schedule to drive home the fact that you can get a GOOD workout in under 30 minutes. Today’s workout was a combination of tabata cardio and interval strength, and like yesterday it was all done for time. For tabata, you’re working for 20 seconds and resting for 10, and cranking through 8 rounds. It’s killer with pretty much any exercise you do.  I loved this workout, and like yesterday’s workout, will definitely be doing it again.  Note: it is somewhat similar to yesterday’s workout so I probably won’t do them back to back again.  I just loved that this workout was called “super sweaty tabata”.  And that it was…. give it a try. Super fun! And yes, I’m a super dork.

day 31



Day 30: Fitness fun with a fearless leader

30 Jan

day 30

El.Hill, the squat jumping queen!  Today, my colleague and I hit the gym for a lunch time workout.  I really wanted to get in a hardcore workout, but yet again, was short on time.  This workout proved to fit those requirements….as I broke out in a sweat during the warm-up.  The gym was packed today, so we found some free space on another floor by the squash courts and busted out the workout.  What I like about this routine is that you just set the timer and a.m.r.a.p. the daylights out of it! Amrap=as many reps as possible.  It was a great combination of exercises and the only toys you really need are a jumprope and a kettle bell or dumbbell.  28 minute workout, and you’re done!  I loved it and you will definitely see this workout pop up again throughout the year.  And if you’re looking for El.Hill, she’s probably squat jumping….

Here’s the workout. Go get after it.

day 30a


Day 29: Daisy Duke-ish

29 Jan

day 29

I’ve been itching to do the Daisy Duke workout again, as it really gets your hear pumping and your legs burning.   And who doesn’t want to look like Jessica Simpson did as she played Daisy in the Dukes of Hazzard?! Exactly.  Due to time contraints, I had to cut the workout short (hence the  “ish”).  I did only two intervals of running, squats, lunges, upper body exercises, and threw in deadlifts and bench squats.  Since I knew time was an issue today, I cranked through the workout with little rest in between to keep my heart rate up.  I also used heavier weights to challenge myself (but light enough so that my form wasn’t compromised).

I worked out on my own today as my usual motley crew was tied up at lunchtime.  They did their workout after work, but since I had homework, I couldn’t join in that fun.  However, it appears our workout group is  making an impression because I was asked by a random fellow gym goer why I was all alone today!  I missed my buddies!!!!

Day 28: Spin for sweat

28 Jan

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you want a good sweat, jump on a spin bike. Today’s lunchtime spin class was nothing less than hard core. It could have been the bike sprints, the hill climbs, the tough resistance, or the fact that I’m coming off of an overly indulgent weekend, but this class massively kicked my butt. It was exactly what I needed to recharge the body and mind and get the week off to a good start. Loud music, blood pumping biking, and enough sweat to fill a bathtub…happy Monday 🙂

Day 26: A shoe-in for fun

26 Jan

day 26

I’m pretty sure no other group has ever had this much fun snow shoeing.  Seriously.  Look at us jokers.  As some of the house peeps headed to the mountain for some skiing, this motley crew threw on some snow shoes and hit the trails of Vermont. By “threw on the snowshoes”, I mean we looked like a circus show trying to figure out the old school snowshoes we borrowed.   After that whole scene, we plowed through the woods like amazon explorers blazing new territory.  The crisp fresh air, crunchy snow, and good company made for an awesome and refreshing day!  I couldn’t be happier layered up, outdoors, and in the mountains 🙂

And now….

day 26a

Day 25: Stow-ked

25 Jan

day 25

My cold has been kicked, just in time to pack up the car with gear, food, and good friends for a weekend ski trip in Stowe.  On Friday, I hit the slopes for some snowboarding.  The frigid temps and possible frostbite couldn’t keep us away from the  mountain. With about 10 layers of clothes, and a ninja-like face mask, I took to the trails and ended up sweating up a storm.  It was a great day riding, complete with a few major wipeouts that were quickly forgotten after some apres beers…..Great day!

Day 21-24: Sick, sick, and sick

24 Jan



Truth be told, the last three days have been work-out free, despite the fact that I’ve been living in sweatpants and my oldest hoodie. After a week of fighting a cold, it finally got to me and knocked me out.  If we want to get technical, we could classify my cold/night sweats as “sweat activity”, but that’s just pushing the envelope.  The most activity I have seen in the past few days was moving from the couch to my bed.  Which, did feel like an activity at some points.  I’m finally on the mend and plan to be back at it again tomorrow.  Gearing up for a ski weekend in Stowe!