Day 7: Monday Funday – Keeping it Real

7 Jan

day 7

Happy Monday!  Today’s workout brought me and my fabulous co-workers to the elliptical machines for some high intensity interval training (HIIT) and then to the group exercise room for some ab work.  HIIT is great because it’s a quick workout where you’re alternating between intense exercise and rest. We did a 20 second on/20 second off regime at a resistance that makes you close to breathless during the work portion.  I set my incline at 11 and the resistance at 40.  Try to get your “work” portion to 165-170 strides per minute.  Do 30 rounds and after 2o minutes, you’re done!  Better yet, you’ll burn more fat AFTER your workout! We then did some abs – bicycles, planks, hello dollys, and russian twists.  I also kept it real by meeting up with a friend for some Monday funday beers and nachos. It’s just how I roll…….


One Response to “Day 7: Monday Funday – Keeping it Real”

  1. kristin Croci January 8, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    Russian Twists?? Now you are a 2nd Language Learner. Very cool! Followed by Nachos and Brewskies. You have that International Flare! So proud…..

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