Day 8: Burning quads on the white stuff

8 Jan

day 8

Now this is a “workout” I would do everyday! Today’s activity led me to Waterville Valley for a day of snowboarding.  I like the gym and all, but I  MUCH prefer outdoor activities.  So when I got a call that my friend ‘Mc. C’ was heading up north, I took a vacation day and joined him for a day on the slopes.  With my new boots strapped up and great conditions on the mountain, I felt awesome on the trails and reveled in the fresh air and bright sun.  I was pleasantly suprised at how I handled myself on the board as this was my first time out this season. After about 8 runs, I started to feel the burn in my legs, and will probably be feeling it tomorrow.  A few lunch-time Sam Winters later, it seemed to be a good idea to get me to the top of the mountain (sticking with the blues).  This was a first…and while it was a “success”, I think next time I’ll do that BEFORE the legs tire and the adult beverages.  To get stronger, I plan on incorporating more plyometric excercises into my workouts.  Plyos will help increase strength and agility as you’re tearin’ it up  out there.

I blame Sam for my occassional wipeouts….



One Response to “Day 8: Burning quads on the white stuff”

  1. kristin Croci January 9, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

    Oh my! You are full of surprises!! So glad that you had a good day on the “board”! As for SAM…yeah…got to be careful of guys named SAM 🙂

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