Day 11: Spin cycle

11 Jan

No picture today, folks. For my Friday sweat session, I jumped into a spin class at work. One of the benefits of signing on for a fitness membership at work is the extensive group exercise classes offered. I love spin class because it’s a guaranteed hardcore workout. I sweat just looking at a spin bike. Seriously. I went at about 80% today since I have a long run tomorrow, and I didn’t want to destroy my legs. However, I could still feel the burn. Jumps, sprints, hills, and islolations were on tap for the ride today. Still a touch sore from snowboarding and all the plyos yesterday, I rode at a manageable pace as to not kill my legs. I’ll do the work, but sometimes it’s nice to zone out on a bike with an instructor guiding you along…more often than not, yelling. Great end to the week and start to the weekend…


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