Day 12: Crushing 8 with a great

12 Jan

day 12

I had the honor of sharing my 8 mile run with good friend and self-proclaimed “world’s best male athlete”, jdtdrew.  He’s so humble, right.  We laced up our fancy sneakers for a 8 mile training run that took us over the river, through the woods and around the streets of the south shore.  It was a great run and we kept a pretty good pace throughout.  He is a great athlete and while the whole “world’s best” is still up for debate,  he is a runner through and through. I think my superhero blue sneakers helped me keep up with him.  Typically I enjoy running solo, but I loved the company and finished the run feeling great (even with the last mile being uphill).  I also fed off of his excitement, as he’ll be running Boston this year!!  After a stare down with the foam roller and some ice-ing of the knees, we refueled with a beer and a steak and cheese stuffed pretzel.  All is right in the world.

While I debated uploading a silly photo of drew icing his knee and even my steak pretzel, I instead opted for this quote. As we were stretching after the run, I flipped through a book he’s reading (about running of course!) and came across this quote almost instantly.  Get your mind psyched and it’s amazing what you can accomplish!


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