Day 13: Down and Dirty, part II

13 Jan

day 13

After a busy and active weekend, this is what my floor looks like when my gym bag explodes.  Today’s workout was the second installment of the Sunday morning City Sports bootcamp, and I had to really talk myself into it when the alarm went off.  With spring-like weather in Boston, we were literally down and dirty in the mud while working out on the Common.  Our trainers wasted no time getting us started with shoulder push-ups, tri dips, and plank taps…and hill sprints in between.  Followed by more hill sprints, burpees, tabata push-ups, lunges, squats. Oh, and then there were hill sprints.  Covered in sweat and dirt, we headed back to the store for some abs and stretching.  Even though I felt like I was in slow motion all morning, it was great to be out there…and even better to be done.


One Response to “Day 13: Down and Dirty, part II”

  1. kristin Croci January 14, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

    Oh, and I thought the warm weather and walk was cardio for Matti and me! Guess we need to “pick up the pace”…Ummm I think you are better suited for that! Good for you…Keep on girl! Do you need me to pick up all the stuff that exploded out of your gym bag 🙂

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