Day 14: Jump up jump up and get down, jump

14 Jan

day 14

As I packed my gym bag on Sunday night, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Monday’s workout.  Jump rope!  It is by far, one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment and I love to use it.  Many associate jumping rope with their childhood, and I say, all the more reason to break it out as an adult!  It doesn’t matter how you jump, where you jump, or when you jump, you’ll always get a killer workout.  I threw on my ipod shuffle and just started jumping.  I jumped for about 25 minutes, only taking a break in between songs.  I varied my jumps to keep it interesting – jumping side to side, criss cross, moving around the room as I jump, high knees and my newest skill, the double unders.  Learning how to do those a few years ago defintely makes me feel like Rocky!   Using a speed rope like the one pictured above gives the rope that added speed you need to get one jump with every two arm rotations.  It’s a total full body workout that really gets your heart pumping.  Here’s a video to give you some ideas on how to have fun with the rope 🙂  Think you can’t get a good sweat going with a jump rope?  Think again…
day 14a

A more attractive benefit of jumping rope would be toned legs! So get jumping!


One Response to “Day 14: Jump up jump up and get down, jump”

  1. kristin Croci January 14, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    Tooooo Much! we’ll need a “painkiller”. You do it for us Dara!

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