Day 17:

17 Jan


This says it all.  With the busy week still in full swing, exercising hasn’t been as enticing to me as it usually is.  But it’s completing workouts on days like this that make me feel accomplished a little more mentally sane 🙂  I was grateful for the company, as C-Jazz joined me for a lunchtime upper body weight workout.  After a quick warm-up, we lifted with heavy weights like olympic athletes.  Well, not really, but our arms were shaking by the end, which makes you feel like you worked the gym like a boss.  We supersetted three various sets: lat pulldown and shoulder presses, db chest presses and tri extensions, bicep curls (hammer and regular), and seated row and push-ups.  The push-ups at the end were pretty killer after everything else.  It’s good to throw heavy weights into the mix, as it increases muscle definition and builds strength.  And now I don’t feel guilty as I lounge on the couch….


One Response to “Day 17:”

  1. Heavyweight January 18, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    With naps during stretches and this pic today, maybe there is a business plan for 5K to couch instead of couch to 5k, hahaha

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