Day 18: Earning the weekend

18 Jan

day 18

I guess the treadmills aren’t a hot destination for anyone at 7am.  Except for us, that is.  7am, two fabulous friends, and one quick workout makes for a great start to a Friday.  We warmed up on the treadmills with our sun in our faces and the city skyline on the horizon,  then dominated the group exercise room for a full body circuit.  The refreshing morning views of the city helped set the scene as we pushed through lunges, squat jumps, pushups, burpees, plie squats, jumping jacks, planks, and russian twists.  We did each exercise for 1 minute and didn’t rest until we went through the whole sequence.  Plow through that a few times and you’ll start to feel the burn.  My favorite part of the workout was the sauna that followed….


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