Day 29: Daisy Duke-ish

29 Jan

day 29

I’ve been itching to do the Daisy Duke workout again, as it really gets your hear pumping and your legs burning.   And who doesn’t want to look like Jessica Simpson did as she played Daisy in the Dukes of Hazzard?! Exactly.  Due to time contraints, I had to cut the workout short (hence the  “ish”).  I did only two intervals of running, squats, lunges, upper body exercises, and threw in deadlifts and bench squats.  Since I knew time was an issue today, I cranked through the workout with little rest in between to keep my heart rate up.  I also used heavier weights to challenge myself (but light enough so that my form wasn’t compromised).

I worked out on my own today as my usual motley crew was tied up at lunchtime.  They did their workout after work, but since I had homework, I couldn’t join in that fun.  However, it appears our workout group is  making an impression because I was asked by a random fellow gym goer why I was all alone today!  I missed my buddies!!!!


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