Day 30: Fitness fun with a fearless leader

30 Jan

day 30

El.Hill, the squat jumping queen!  Today, my colleague and I hit the gym for a lunch time workout.  I really wanted to get in a hardcore workout, but yet again, was short on time.  This workout proved to fit those requirements….as I broke out in a sweat during the warm-up.  The gym was packed today, so we found some free space on another floor by the squash courts and busted out the workout.  What I like about this routine is that you just set the timer and a.m.r.a.p. the daylights out of it! Amrap=as many reps as possible.  It was a great combination of exercises and the only toys you really need are a jumprope and a kettle bell or dumbbell.  28 minute workout, and you’re done!  I loved it and you will definitely see this workout pop up again throughout the year.  And if you’re looking for El.Hill, she’s probably squat jumping….

Here’s the workout. Go get after it.

day 30a



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