Day 31: Tabata, for a good time

31 Jan

Jan 31

Here I am again, taking up some floor space by the squash courts!  With a full gym and fitness classes in the group ex room, I have now resided to setting up camp here.  Yet again, I was short on time today, so I opted for a quickie that hits everything and makes you work.  I make mention of my busy schedule to drive home the fact that you can get a GOOD workout in under 30 minutes. Today’s workout was a combination of tabata cardio and interval strength, and like yesterday it was all done for time. For tabata, you’re working for 20 seconds and resting for 10, and cranking through 8 rounds. It’s killer with pretty much any exercise you do.  I loved this workout, and like yesterday’s workout, will definitely be doing it again.  Note: it is somewhat similar to yesterday’s workout so I probably won’t do them back to back again.  I just loved that this workout was called “super sweaty tabata”.  And that it was…. give it a try. Super fun! And yes, I’m a super dork.

day 31



One Response to “Day 31: Tabata, for a good time”

  1. kristin Croci January 31, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    Sooo lookin great l!! Now go and get ready for a colder workout ::-) You sure do rock my world!!

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