Day 34: Jackson Hole riding and skiing

3 Feb

day 34

Riding with my buddy!  Today, I strapped on my board and hit the beautiful slopes of Jackson Hole with some family and friends, and my 5 year old godson. Excuse me, my 5 and 3/4 year old godson.  He’s a skier, and a good one at that…and he’ll tell you repeatedly: “Skiers rule, snowboarders drool.”  So that was the mantra for the weekend. Oh, and he’s taken to calling snowboarders nerds. So there’s that too. Even though I board, he says he still loves me 🙂  It was a blast being out there on the slopes with him.  He’s fearless yet skilled, and full of energy!

This was my first time on anything other than an east coast mountain.  Unbelievable. Even with a wipeout that I was sure would start an avalanche, I was having a blast. It was literally heaven on earth…


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