Day 52: I don’t wanna work out…or do I?!

21 Feb

In one’s week time, I feel like I’ve gone to complete mush.  My body and mind are slow going when it comes to the whole “exercise and go to the gym” situation.  I’m easing back into the intensity and noticed I couldn’t push it as hard today. Lest, I tried.  Today I needed a workout that was quick moving and ever changing so I wouldn’t get bored.  I did the super sweaty tabata workout again, which is perfect for a day like this. Even though every single thing felt extremely hard, I just did the best I could.  Then, I made sure to stretch at the end. I may or may not have rested my eyes at this point. Stretching is my favorite.


One Response to “Day 52: I don’t wanna work out…or do I?!”

  1. Kristin Croci February 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    Dara, I am very concerned.  The tone of your posts tell me you need to make a “health conscience” decision re: that half marathon sunday.  You don’t sound ready.  And given the past 10 plus days, neither is your body. Wait and see how the nxt 48 hrs. go  Maybe the storm will dump the cape 🙂


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