Day 54-55: Just run. #weatherproof

24 Feb

Happy Monday! If you’re been following along the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the half-marathon I signed up for…the Hyannis half-marathon.  Needless to say I survived, and surprisingly achieved a more personal goal.  Before I get to that, I’m going to set the stage.  Leading up to this weekend, I was less than enthused about this race. Why? Mainly because I didn’t feel that I was well-prepared.  I hadn’t made running a priority due to school, work, traveling, and being sick.  I had anxiety over my lack of preparedness, so much so that I actually thought I wouldn’t finish.  Despite supportive words of encouragement, I had all sorts of negative thoughts that I couldn’t shake.  I knew my body could handle the race, but for some reason, I couldn’t get my mind there.

So, race weekend arrives and the weather is looking downright miserable. There was a sliver of me that hoped they’d cancel the race.  (Those negative thoughts are so annoying!)  Since my friend, “the man in tights”, was running the race as well, I was invited to stay with him  and his family at their Cape house the night before. As I made my way down on Saturday afternoon, I was still swirling with thoughts of anxiety over this race.  (I’m an over thinker, if you haven’t noticed.)  A great pasta and meatball dinner was prepared.  With a glass of wine and a lively dinner crowd, I started to lose the anxiety of the race and just embrace the fact that I’m going to do it.  My hearty dinner was followed by a monstrosity of a dessert – angel food cake, whipped creme and fruit.  Someone generously decorated my dessert….

day 55

There is a huge hunk of angel food cake underneath!

This was “doctored” up for me and I graciously accepted it after being told it will make me run faster! As if I need an excuse to wolf down something like this.

When I woke up on Sunday, I could hear the rain coming down and when I looked out the window my only thought was, “well, this ought to be a blast.”  We layered up and hit the race, in the cold and steady rain.  As I stood at the start line, I absorbed some of the race energy flying around me and started squashing all of the self-doubt I’d been having for weeks.  And then I ran. I just put one foot in front of the other. The first five miles were spent running with a friend and as we caught up with one another, I didn’t even realize how far we had gone. Score!  She took off, and after a quick sip of water, I ventured on – just me and the pavement.  I was in my head, but in a good way this time.  I felt good, I felt strong, and I did a mental 360.  I was totally in it and competing with myself.  I didn’t realize how MUCH I needed this race to set me straight. As I ran I started to feel my competitive confidence, and re-recognized my love for running. I was out there in the cold and rain and enjoying it. I was enjoying the fact that I was accomplishing something that I had little confidence in.  It was my competitive mindset that came into play and sometimes we just need a reminder that the road in front of us is never more than we can handle.  I needed this race for me, to prove to myself that I could do it.  I was physically strong enough to run it, and it was only my mind telling me otherwise.  Lesson: change your mindset, and you can do anything. Anything.

So, I ran the race. I sprinted through the finish, and I was more than shocked when I looked at the clock as I ran through. My only goal was to finish this thing, hopefully with a smile on my face.  I later found out that I set a PR!  No one was more shocked than me, especially since the last time I ran this I was training for Boston.  I felt good to finish, but felt awesome with a PR. My psyche is now back in order 🙂

day 55a

Sometimes my running looks like walking…

All in all, this was a great weekend. I wouldn’t change any of it, not even the weather. I needed that for the mental challenge.  I’m pretty sure that massive dessert contributed to a great race!  I won’t even tell you what I ate after the race….


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