Day 56: The walking workout

28 Feb

Have you noticed it’s been a few days?! Yup, me too. After a minor skin surgery on Monday that required stitches, I was on strict doctor’s orders to cease ALL exercise for a about 3 days.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, I’m fine!  When I asked the doctor when I could work out, she asked, “well, what do you do?”.  She started at me when I responded with, “Everything”. Since the stitches are on my back, I really can’t do any upper body stuff for a few weeks.  When a co-worker mentioned she was going for a walk at lunch, I jumped on board!  “Burger” and I had a nice long power walk around NU, a bit of Longwood, and the Fens. And yes, I literally worked up a sweat. So much so that I swung into Dunkin’s for an iced coffee on the way back to the office. Yes, and iced coffee.  If google maps is correct, we hauled a good 3.4 miles during our lunch break. Not too shabby…


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