Day 59: Legs, legs, legs

3 Mar

Today, I really wanted to run, but it’s been advised that I not do that quite yet to make sure that the wound on my back heals properly.  I’m pretty sure the only reason I wanted to run was because I knew that I wasn’t allowed to. Funny how that works.  In any case, I decided it would be an all legs day.  Since I was still home, I took the workout outside and did all sorts of random things.  I really had no rhyme or reason and just attacked it.  I did a light jog/walk to warm up and then did side shuffles up and down our driveway.  With that incline, I could feel the burn pretty early on. I just kept going for the length of two songs. And then I did one more set.  Next, I moved to walking lunges, squat jumps, side lunges, calf raises, and one legged squats.  How many reps/sets did I do? I have no idea.  This is because  my only “rule” for this workout was that I pushed it to absolute fatigue and then I would do 5 more.  It’s those 5 reps that will make you stronger.  So do them!

day 59


One Response to “Day 59: Legs, legs, legs”

  1. kristin l croci March 4, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    I can’t attest to this workout………I was still recupping from our shop-athon!

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