Day 61: Can you guess what I did today?

5 Mar

Legs. Yup.  I am definitely feeling the burn of the leg workouts…my butt has been sore since Sunday.  I don’t typically encourage focusing on legs day after day for a week…but I have limited options, and I’m really varying it up.  Cardio one day, strength the next, etc.  Today, the gym was pretty quiet, so I took over an area in the weight section for a whole slew of leg randomness. I did super-sets of step-ups and calf raises and some toe taps to get the heart rate up. Then I did some one-legged lunges combined with plyometric bench jumps.  Rounding out the workout were some reverse lunges and side lunges.  One thing I noticed while doing this workout is how hard it was to lift my body through all of these exercises. I felt heavy.  Was I wearing a weighted vest? Was the gravitational pull different in the gym?  Uh, nope, that’s  just my body weight! This, right here, is my motivation to keep it up.


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