Day 64: Can you guess my favorite color?

8 Mar

day 64

Did you say blue?! Congratulations. You have your vision. I mean, look at this picture! I’d be a little concerned if you didn’t say blue!  A little backstory here, since I’m not a fan of the self photos in the mirror (as you can tell), and you won’t see too many of these.  Friday was a quiet day at the gym with it being spring break at school and a nice snow storm making it’s way in.  At lunch time, I headed over to do some…wait for it…legs. After some bench stuff and calf raises I wandered into the group exercise room and took over since it was empty.  After doing a million lunges and some wall squats, I took a break for some water. As I stood there sipping water, I looked up and chuckled to myself.  Surrounded by mirrors, I realized what a fool I looked like!  Blue shirt, blue sneakers, and drinking out of a blue water bottle.  I had to laugh, mostly because I pack my gym bag without even looking at what I’m pulling out of the drawer for workout clothes. I typically don’t put much emphasis on what I wear to the gym, but I think it might be time for some new colors….or not.


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