Day 65: My new obsession

9 Mar

Saturday brought some post storm brilliant sunshine and warm weather!  The city was a bit messy and sloppy, so I hoofed it over to the gym at work and decided to get some good cardio in. After 20 minutes of high intensity intervals on the elliptical, I jumped on the expresso bike that I am so recently obsessed with.  I have never been much of an outdoor cyclist, I just never got into it.  Even with training for a sprint tri, I did most of my riding on a spin bike.  And for the actual race I just threw some road tires on my mountain bike.  In any case, I jumped on the bike and selected the coastal trail. I am starting to realize what the draw is to cycling.  I get so sucked into the route, the scenery, trying to pass other cyclists, and trying to come in first. And I’m only doing it on a computerized tv screen!  I wanted to take a picture to post, but that would have landed me off of a cliff and I’m sure a few fake computer cyclists would have passed me as I fiddled with my phone….


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