Day 66: Stitches are out!!!

11 Mar

That made for a happy Monday, for sure!  I was more than excited to roll into the surgeon’s office and get these things out.  Mostly, I just wanted to be able to fully use the right side of my upper body.  All was good and well until my surgeon said, “Have I talked to you yet about your sun exposure?”  Well, yes Dr., you have, a million times.  I get it. I’m freckly and prone to unwanted skin situations.I wear sunscreen and hats.  I am preventative. And now you have me researching “sun shirts” even though I don’t live on a surfboard. But by all means, please tell me again, and kill my Monday mood.  When I tell her that yes, she has indeed spoken to me about it, she nods and says “Well, you’ve hit your sun limit.”  I stared at her not even knowing how to say, “what?!”.  That was a tad dramatic, don’t you think doc?  After she peppered me with questions about my sun history, ‘did I lifeguard, did I swim as a kid’, etc, I explained AGAIN how I grew up on a lake, on tennis courts, soccer fields, and have spent my entire life outdoors.  And there is absolutely no chance of that changing.  I tell you this story because it actually fueled my day, and eventually my workout.  My surgeon just had a way of making me feel bad about my skin care, mainly because I AM someone who recognizes the danger sun can have on me and take the appropriate measures.  I wear sunscreen religiously and rock hats and shade as much as possible. But come on, keeping me out of the sun is like taking away oxygen.

Typically something like this would roll right off my shoulders, but it stuck with me all day.  And since we just turned the clock backs, it was still light out after work and I laced up my sneakers for a much-needed run around the river.  This was my first run since the half marathon a few weeks back.  It felt great to be outdoors in daylight, running and listening to music.  I left that doctor’s conversation on the road, knowing that she was just doing her job.  In case you were wondering, it was cloudy during my Monday run, so I wasn’t exposed to direct sunlight…


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