Day 67: A little schmorgishborg

12 Mar

Since the stitches are out, I’ve been told I can do whatever I want now.  Come to find out that doesn’t mean that it’s all healed! I got a little ahead of myself.  It still hurts. But I was craving the desire to do push-ups. Who says that? Apparently someone who has done leg workouts for two weeks.  I had no real agenda at the gym, so it was a little bit of everything.  Jump rope,running with a medicine ball, step ups, lunges, running with a medicine ball, push ups, crunches, planks, running with a medicine ball, jump squats, toe taps, and running with a medicine ball….in no particular order. I had a gym buddy, hence the running with a medicine ball. It’s more fun this way, one person does an exercise while the other runs with a  medicine ball, and then you switch. It’s like a relay race, and anything that makes you feel like you’re 6 years old is ok in my book.

The push-ups were hard.


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