Day 71: I run for the….

16 Mar

Beer. Obviously. Oh, and for the race shirts.

Today’s 5k was great in so many ways.  A top 10 list sounds like a good idea.  And yes, photos are included at the end 🙂

10. It was the annual St. Patrick’s Day race down in Marshfield.  Anything with a St. Patty’s day theme will be fun, even running.
9. It gives me a reason to pull out my shamrock running  capris. Yeah, they’re pretty sweet.
8.  Men, women, children, and strollers litter the race pack.  It’s great to see so many healthy people! You know 99.9% are running for the post-race beer…the other .1% are children.
7. The sun was SHINING!
6. Beer awaits us at the end of the race. Guinness for health! Or so I’m told….
5. Bagpipes. Enough said.
4. My aunt’s ankle healed enough to run the 5K. It’s a good thing she didn’t do Hyannis so that she could run hard and win this race.
3.  We get to hang with her “court dogs”. They are usually 2 beers in by the time we finish. They are fast. I think it’s because they want the first beer and not because they are trained to chase bad people.
2. I can pretend I’m Irish.
1. And the NUMBER ONE reason why this was a great race….
It was CJ’s first ever 5K!!!  SO EXCITING!  She ran hard and strong and most importantly, had fun! She dodged the crowds like pac man, zipping in and out to get ahead. I think at one point I saw her leap over a stroller while high fiving a child. Yes, she’s a beast.

Great day and looking forward to the next!

photo 1

CJ, pre-race and ready to rock!

photo 2

Race regulars. Kind of a big deal.

photo 3

Fun and festive. I know, the shamrock pants are awesome.


One Response to “Day 71: I run for the….”

  1. mom March 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    That’s my girl!! Run for the beer! So glad your back is on the mend and you can resume fun!!

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