Day 72-84: Still here, still working out.

30 Mar

I’ve been lacking on the blogging, but not the workouts!  Seeing as a busy schedule creates a challenge in posting daily, I’m making another slight adjustment to this whole 365 days of sweat situation.  I’ll be posting once a week to provide a quick round-up of workouts.  Although, as you can tell, this post will cover two weeks worth.

Day 72:  I was in a running mood, so I headed out for a jaunt around the river. I thought I would do a few miles, and ended up doing about 5.  I love those runs.  It was pretty quiet out there, I’m guessing because it was St. Patrick’s Day and people were more interested in beer than running.  Although, I was thrown for a loop when I ran past a woman taking her Christmas tree out of her house. Yes. That was happening.   Great day for a run.
day 72

Day 73:  Kettlebell class at work.  This was a new one for me, and I was sore before I even left the gym.  I loved it!

Day 74: HIIT on the elliptical.  You get this by now 🙂

Day 75:  Back to boot camp. Brutal but oh so necessary.  I realized during this class that I haven’t been pushing myself nearly  hard enough on my own.  I was definitely pushed beyond my comfort zone in this class, which is important if you want to make any sort of progress.  #doingwork

Day 76: So sore after boot camp so it was another HIIT session on the elliptical.

Day 77: Friday spin day!  Love this class.  I’m making this a Friday ritual.

Day 78: My legs were fried after this week, so on tap for today was a nice long walk with K10.  It was freezing and city was crazy windy. So obviously our walk landed us into a Starbucks…

Day 79:  Running for fun.  I jumped on board a Boston training run with “he who shall not be named” (nope, no tights today). It was a tough run for me, but a good run.  Turns out that I ended up doing 10 miles at a faster pace than I usually do.  As the other one went on for another 30 minutes at race pace, I passed out the floor to recover. I didn’t move for about 45 minutes. Good times.

Day 80: I was fried today, so this was a complete rest day.

Day 81: You’re going to think I’m crazy with this one.  More running!  Boston is fast approaching and the man in tights wanted to run the hills of the course before race day. Soooo hills we shall do! Since I live basically on the finish line, it’s easy to run the course from here.  We hopped on the T, headed to Woodland, and ran about 6ish miles back into town so he could hit the hills. I hadn’t run them since my last Boston, 3 years ago, so it was “fun” to do that part of the course.  It weirdly makes me want to run it again….but then I remind myself that the hills on fresh legs is MUCH different from running them after the 19 miles of the course that precede them.

Day 82:  Wednesday boot camp.  Brutal as usual but I love it.

Day 83:  I’m going to be real honest about today.  You know those girls that read magazines while “exercising” on an elliptical or a bike or walking on a treadmill?  Yup, that was me…sans the magazine. I forgot my sports bra but still wanted to move, so I wore my gym clothes, hit the elliptical and literally tried not to sweat. Sounds ridiculous, I know.  It was actually good – 30 minutes to flush out the legs.

Day 84: Friday spin day. I rode the bike like a boss.  I had a plan to kill it in class and left everything on the bike. I don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself this hard in spin. It was felt all sorts of good.  The quads are feeling it, for sure.


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