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Day 85 – 92: Run, spin, weights, repeat.

6 Apr

Day 85:  A run around the Charles.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about, and a 4 mile run was a great way to start the day.

Day 86: Earning the candy.  I was home for Easter, and naturally attempted to get anyone to workout with me. No takers, per usual, so I took off on a lovely 4.5 mile run.  When I returned, Jarret was finishing up cleaning his car, so I pleaded to have him workout with me.  I shouldn’t even honor his efforts as a workout nor should I blog about it because he did 4 push ups. That’s right, only FOUR pushups.  Baby steps.

day 86

Day 87: Oh, well this was a really fun day. I won’t relive it, as I’m over it.  However, it was one of those days that makes you say “WHY”, almost every hour.  And it was a Monday, so that was awesome.  In any case, I looked forward to my evening kettle bell class.  It was my bright light of the day since I knew I would work out my aggression. Or so I thought. After hauling over to the gym in the pouring rain, I stood at the desk soaking wet as they told me the class had just been cancelled.  After a few choice words in my head, I jumped on the elliptical for a bit and just had to call it a day.

Day 88: Squeeze. Working muscles I didn’t know I had at Life in Synergy.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken these classes, and boy do you feel the burn.  This is the only workout I do where I don’t sweat yet am still in excruciating pain.  The theory behind the movements is to do small exercises that get at the muscles we tend to forget about on a daily basis while living. It’s crazy hard.

Day 89: Spin class. Need I say more?

Day 90: Four days after today’s workout, I’m still sore.  This was a fun/funny workout.  I ripped out a full body weight  workout from Women’s Health and decided to give it a while. Two co-workers joined the fun as we took over some real estate in the gym and did our thing.  I really need to start incorporating weights, and this was a great way to throw them in there. There were 10 different exercises that you do for a minute each. (We did two rounds.)  Full of compound workouts, we were hitting anything and everything.  Lunges combined with curls and presses, t-pushups, spiderman plank leg extensions, sumo squat while rotating weights, and more.

Day 91: Friday spin class. My. Legs. Are. Fried.

Day 92:  K10, new sneakers, and some massive wind. That made for a fun run/walk.  Oh spring, where ARE you?!