Day 67: A little schmorgishborg

12 Mar

Since the stitches are out, I’ve been told I can do whatever I want now.  Come to find out that doesn’t mean that it’s all healed! I got a little ahead of myself.  It still hurts. But I was craving the desire to do push-ups. Who says that? Apparently someone who has done leg workouts for two weeks.  I had no real agenda at the gym, so it was a little bit of everything.  Jump rope,running with a medicine ball, step ups, lunges, running with a medicine ball, push ups, crunches, planks, running with a medicine ball, jump squats, toe taps, and running with a medicine ball….in no particular order. I had a gym buddy, hence the running with a medicine ball. It’s more fun this way, one person does an exercise while the other runs with a  medicine ball, and then you switch. It’s like a relay race, and anything that makes you feel like you’re 6 years old is ok in my book.

The push-ups were hard.


Day 66: Stitches are out!!!

11 Mar

That made for a happy Monday, for sure!  I was more than excited to roll into the surgeon’s office and get these things out.  Mostly, I just wanted to be able to fully use the right side of my upper body.  All was good and well until my surgeon said, “Have I talked to you yet about your sun exposure?”  Well, yes Dr., you have, a million times.  I get it. I’m freckly and prone to unwanted skin situations.I wear sunscreen and hats.  I am preventative. And now you have me researching “sun shirts” even though I don’t live on a surfboard. But by all means, please tell me again, and kill my Monday mood.  When I tell her that yes, she has indeed spoken to me about it, she nods and says “Well, you’ve hit your sun limit.”  I stared at her not even knowing how to say, “what?!”.  That was a tad dramatic, don’t you think doc?  After she peppered me with questions about my sun history, ‘did I lifeguard, did I swim as a kid’, etc, I explained AGAIN how I grew up on a lake, on tennis courts, soccer fields, and have spent my entire life outdoors.  And there is absolutely no chance of that changing.  I tell you this story because it actually fueled my day, and eventually my workout.  My surgeon just had a way of making me feel bad about my skin care, mainly because I AM someone who recognizes the danger sun can have on me and take the appropriate measures.  I wear sunscreen religiously and rock hats and shade as much as possible. But come on, keeping me out of the sun is like taking away oxygen.

Typically something like this would roll right off my shoulders, but it stuck with me all day.  And since we just turned the clock backs, it was still light out after work and I laced up my sneakers for a much-needed run around the river.  This was my first run since the half marathon a few weeks back.  It felt great to be outdoors in daylight, running and listening to music.  I left that doctor’s conversation on the road, knowing that she was just doing her job.  In case you were wondering, it was cloudy during my Monday run, so I wasn’t exposed to direct sunlight…

Day 65: My new obsession

9 Mar

Saturday brought some post storm brilliant sunshine and warm weather!  The city was a bit messy and sloppy, so I hoofed it over to the gym at work and decided to get some good cardio in. After 20 minutes of high intensity intervals on the elliptical, I jumped on the expresso bike that I am so recently obsessed with.  I have never been much of an outdoor cyclist, I just never got into it.  Even with training for a sprint tri, I did most of my riding on a spin bike.  And for the actual race I just threw some road tires on my mountain bike.  In any case, I jumped on the bike and selected the coastal trail. I am starting to realize what the draw is to cycling.  I get so sucked into the route, the scenery, trying to pass other cyclists, and trying to come in first. And I’m only doing it on a computerized tv screen!  I wanted to take a picture to post, but that would have landed me off of a cliff and I’m sure a few fake computer cyclists would have passed me as I fiddled with my phone….

Day 64: Can you guess my favorite color?

8 Mar

day 64

Did you say blue?! Congratulations. You have your vision. I mean, look at this picture! I’d be a little concerned if you didn’t say blue!  A little backstory here, since I’m not a fan of the self photos in the mirror (as you can tell), and you won’t see too many of these.  Friday was a quiet day at the gym with it being spring break at school and a nice snow storm making it’s way in.  At lunch time, I headed over to do some…wait for it…legs. After some bench stuff and calf raises I wandered into the group exercise room and took over since it was empty.  After doing a million lunges and some wall squats, I took a break for some water. As I stood there sipping water, I looked up and chuckled to myself.  Surrounded by mirrors, I realized what a fool I looked like!  Blue shirt, blue sneakers, and drinking out of a blue water bottle.  I had to laugh, mostly because I pack my gym bag without even looking at what I’m pulling out of the drawer for workout clothes. I typically don’t put much emphasis on what I wear to the gym, but I think it might be time for some new colors….or not.

Day 63: You know those days when you don’t want to workout?

7 Mar

And the mere thought of exercising makes you feel 100 times more tired than you actually are? And you think to yourself “what’s the point”? Yes, I have those days too. And today was one of those days. I was so wrapped up in my own head about not working out, that I created a whole mental list of excuses not to go to the gym. It’s snowing, it’s cold, it’s windy, I have to put on my boots, I’m tired, the zipper on my jacket gets stuck sometimes, my gym bag is heavy. Yes, I actually wasted mental energy on this.  In my opinion, NONE of these are legitimate excuses to bail on a workout, so I forced it. And surprise surprise, I felt better afterwards.  I decided to hop on one of the fancy schmancy bikes at the gym where you ride through a selected course.  The handle bars actually move and the % grade of the bike route automatically changes.  It’s so fun to do because it’s like you’re actually out on the road.  Here’s a quick view.

day 63

What is so great (for me anyway) is that you have to pay such close attention to what you’re doing, that you don’t think about anything else.  EXACTLY what I needed.  Even taking your hands off the handle bars for 2 seconds to grab a drink of water lands you off-road in a tree.  But still moving of course.  I selected this 4 mile route that started out with massive rolling hills and led into a basic uphill climb for almost the whole thing.  (I learned that I will actually look at the elevation chart before selecting a route.)   It really forces you to keep your mind in it.  My mind wandered for split second during a transition from a downhill of -10% to an uphill grade of +20% and because I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t change my gears, and I almost came to a complete stop due to the incline of that hill.  It was the perfect workout to challenge my body and mind and squash all of those lame excuses to skip the gym.  And the big bonus, you get to race all the computerized bikers and pick them off one by one. It’s amazing how competitive one can be with fake people on a screen….

Day 62: Not so creative…

6 Mar

The workout wasn’t creative, so I won’t even attempt to be creative in writing about it. I did a hiit workout on the elliptical, the same thing I did on Monday.

The end.

Day 61: Can you guess what I did today?

5 Mar

Legs. Yup.  I am definitely feeling the burn of the leg workouts…my butt has been sore since Sunday.  I don’t typically encourage focusing on legs day after day for a week…but I have limited options, and I’m really varying it up.  Cardio one day, strength the next, etc.  Today, the gym was pretty quiet, so I took over an area in the weight section for a whole slew of leg randomness. I did super-sets of step-ups and calf raises and some toe taps to get the heart rate up. Then I did some one-legged lunges combined with plyometric bench jumps.  Rounding out the workout were some reverse lunges and side lunges.  One thing I noticed while doing this workout is how hard it was to lift my body through all of these exercises. I felt heavy.  Was I wearing a weighted vest? Was the gravitational pull different in the gym?  Uh, nope, that’s  just my body weight! This, right here, is my motivation to keep it up.